What Our Clients Say


I started exercising with Mitch in June and I cannot believe the speed at which I have obtained a level of fitness that I thought was no longer possible and also just how much my body shape has changed in this short period (12 weeks).  My posture has improved and I am well on the way to reversing damage that had begun to occur in the form of roundness of my shoulders and back.

I am 40 years old and despite being an active child, adolescent and twenty year old; my fitness very quickly went down hill once I reached my early thirties.  The challenges of being a career girl soon changed to the challenges of motherhood and then the ability to find time for myself to exercise soon got lost amongst the piles of washing, ironing and toys! 

In need of a boost, a friend and I began a weight loss and fitness campaign and we began exercising with Mitch.  Mitch came to meet us and discussed the approach he would take to giving us personal training.  From this very first meeting, I was totally struck by his professionalism, knowledge and skills which together with his great sense of humour and enthusiasm were a totally motivational force to this new project of creating the body beautiful! 

Each exercise session is fully planned and tailored to our needs.  Mitch works with both of us to create a total work-out which pushes us to a limit that we would not achieve on our own but on the other hand is not over the top that we are put off either.  Mitch is incredibly encouraging of all our efforts even when we are struggling to grapple a new movement or lift.  There is no room to shirk and give half efforts as he continually encourages and coaxes us to reach our potential.  He always ensures our safety by watching and correcting our technique to avoid any muscle damage.  Mitch also ensures that every work-out has a full stretch session at the end to avoid us creating any shortness in our muscles and thus minimises the level of our soreness.  Almost every session is a new work-out, keeping us interested and motivated.

 My exercising in the past has always been of an aerobic form where I would run or cycle for upwards of 40 minutes but it was always incredibly difficult to build a base fitness in this manner and so the start of any previous exercise campaigns were always painful before reaching a fitness that could be built upon.  I have found that exercising with Mitch increases my heart rate very quickly whilst we complete a work-out set and then a short rest period before another period of exertion.  These short bursts of activity have brought me to a level of fitness far quicker than I could have imagined, whilst at the same time being able to build and work muscles to give me a much stronger core and all round body work-out.

 I love working out with Mitch and cannot believe how lucky I am to have such a fun, encouraging and enthusiastic personal trainer. 

Jacqui Barwood Emerydown, New Forest

In three months I have lost 2 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes.  Hurrah!

I am 42, a single Mum of a three year old, run my own business and can think of many more interesting things to do than exercise and diet!  I have had personal trainers before.  It’s made me feel that I was looking after myself but my lack of commitment and their lack of tenacity meant that no real results were achieved.  It was more about going through the motions!  I’ve also paid subscriptions to fancy clubs that I’ve never attended and bought gym equipment that to this day sits idle in my garage.

Finding Detox-in-a box and Fitness Evolution have led to a transformation of my belief in diet plans and exercise as well as transforming me!

Both my diet plan and personal trainer, Mitch, have worked for my lifestyle offering flexibility of HOW I do things but clear non-negotiable focus on WHAT I want to achieve.  Both work round me rather than me needing to fit round them.  They have organised themselves and are geared to my success.  
All this as well as being delivered to the door.

Everyone needs to find what works for them.  What I know is that this has worked and will continue to work for the lasting results I want to sustain.

Maggie Rose Emerydown, New Forest

Mitch Hill has got to have been one of the most influential people in my life.  When I met him I was an overweight, under confident person who badly needed some guidance.  I was ‘given’ Mitch as a 30th birthday present and I think that it was probably the greatest gift that I was given that year!  When I first met Mitch I had got it into my head somehow that I wanted to do the London Triathlon (moment of temporary insanity I think) and I thought that this ultra fit PT would laugh or try to put me off.  However, Mitch said – great I have never trained a triathlete before – let’s get going.  So we did, and I won’t lie – it was bloody hard work but through Mitch’s perseverance and belief in me I did make it to the London Triathlon in August 2005 and I did it in 01:04:48! I was very pleased with this result and very proud of my medal that I received for finishing!  Mitch was there watching and shouting encouragement with my family and was there to congratulate me when I ran (exhausted!) over the finishing line!


It over a year later and I now live in Queensland, Australia and the biggest thing from theUK that i miss is Mitch!  I admit I had fallen off the training wagon but I have recently entered a set of five Try-A-Tri’s in Queensland and will use my learning from Mitch to help me achieve that level of fitness again.   I guarantee that the decision to train with Mitch will be the best thing you will ever do and you will gain a good friend at the same time”

Kirstie Broardfield

Thank you very much for teaching me the basics of self-defence. Through these lessons I have learned to become more aware of my surroundings and how to defend myself by using a combination of body positions, blocks, punches and kicks.  It was the first time I had experienced self-defence and I found with Mitch teaching me it was easy to pick up and understand as well as interesting. 
Through the few lessons I had I have become more confident and less self-conscious.  Being more confident has helped me to approach situations in a different way that previously I might have shied away from.
 I would like to say a big thank you, the lessons have been really fun and I have really enjoyed them.

Christopher Mills,  Camberley, Surrey

Having known Mitch as a training partner for the past two years, I learned very quickly that he is dedicated to his fitness and nutritional regimes. This dedication is not only shown in the gym, but is also practiced throughout his normal working day.

On our first meeting in a local gym, he quickly pointed out the mistakes that I was making while working out.  I thought I knew everything there was to know about training from books and magazines that I had read.  Mitch quickly showed me that there was more to building a better body then just pounding out weights.
I feel privileged to be training with such an experienced person, who not only has a great knowledge of various training principles, but also shows it in practice. Mitch has shown me the way in my training.  It is very rare to meet someone who actually practices what they preach.

Lee Purdy Surbiton, Surrey

My motivation to train hard to achieve the results I desire is enhanced by the commitment I receive from Mitch as my Personal Trainer.  His knowledge and experience  allow him to constantly adapt my training program to enable me to meet my personal goals.  This along with his enthusiastic personality make him the best personal trainer I have trained with.

Sue Anne, Thames Ditton, Surrey

Mitch has made me feel comfortable with exercise again.  He coaches me through a gentle, no pressure workout that leaves me feeling confident that I can keep this up.  I only wish he lived closer!”


Joanna Scott-Smith,  Oxford

Thank you for changing me from a completely unfit mum to one who can now run around with her 2 year old daughter.  I’m feeling much stronger and fitter.  I move better and I am far more flexible.  I also feel more healthy.  None of this would have happened without you motivating and pushing me to go further and finish my reps!  You’ve been and still are a great help in working my way to becoming a “yummy mummy”.

Philippa Woodman Milford on Sea

I had joined my local gym again! I was at a point in my life where a tummy tuck would be the only answer. I have 4 children was overweight and my diet was awful I was almost a dress size 16.  I had been working out at the gym for 2 weeks but felt that I needed guidance and encouragement to reach my personal targets. My initial consultation with Mitch was fantastic he was very informative and knowledgeable together with a professional attitude.  I left Mitch feeling as if all my personal goals were perfectly achievable and I could not wait to start training with Mitch as my personal trainer! CONT


I have been training with Mitch for just over 3 months now and thoroughly enjoying each workout.  The sessions have considerable variety to them which help to keep me stimulated.  So with my dedication and Mitch s motivation,  encouragement and enthusiasm I am already seeing fantastic results with my fitness levels,  weight loss and body shape.  I now feel like I can achieve anything I want to and I also no longer feel conscious about my body shape and size. 

Angela Wright