What we offer

It's Time to Start Your Adventures


In your home or in the gym - at a time to suit your busy life style. We also use the lovely surroundings of the New Forest and the cliff tops where we do cycling and running or even down on the beach which is great in the morning - all that lovely fresh air into our lungs.


What you eat - and how to improve while still enjoying life! We don't believe in crash diets, more a gradual change of eating habits.


Learn to protect yourself with one-to-one lessons. You will learn far more than in a group and will have the chance to really try out some of the tactics taught. Your Instructor is a fully qualified Choi Karate instructor, 1st Degree Black Belt.


Once you have reached a certain level of fitness, you may want a maintenance programme - or you may want to set a new target - either way, we can help.